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This looks like a female version of one of my characters. Just finished packing orders so I thought I'd draw, and then it turned into a thing

Girl with long hair and bow | yoaihime

Sketched something to relax (>人<;) I passed my drivers test today, but while waiting I had to stand in one spot for almost 3 hours with my friend, then we went shopping so now I'm exhausted ヽ(;▽;)ノ but i hope everyone's day is going great so far (zoome


DesertRose///"May I kiss you? May I keep your sadness in me, and leave my tenderness in you? May I wipe that tear of yours with my lips, and steal a smile from your beauty?


When drawing self portrait, you can crop to the part that you may like to express. The eyes can express a lot of emotions in a portrait. Other expressive feature of face is Mouth