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Peter Nuyten - The French Army cross the Dutch Waterline in December 1672

‘Tachankas On Line Of Fire’ by G. Savitzky 1931. Russian Maxim Model 1910 machine gun mounted on a cart with four horses in the Russian Civil War era. The word “Tachanka” refers to the spring carriage and was widely used to carry Maxim machine guns during the war. In modern Russian usage, it means a machine gun unit with three or four horses as depicted in the painting and was a widely used propaganda image.

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French Royal Musketeers

Pas-de-Suz, by Graham Turner. "Musketeers storm the barricades that block the French army's way through the Alpine pass called the Pas-de-Suze, defended by the Duke of Savoy's Piedmont troops.

Troops sacking a town during the 30 Years war

Troops sacking a town during the 30 Years war

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The arquebus (or harkbus or hackbut), or "hook tube", is an early muzzle-loaded firearm used in the 15th to 17th centuries. The word was originally modelled on the German: Hakenbüchse, this produced haquebute. It then copied the Italian word: archibugio; which gave arquebuse (French), and arquebus (English). In distinction from its predecessor the hand cannon, it has a matchlock. Like its successor the musket, it is a smoothbore firearm, but it is lighter and easier to carry.

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This is a Century Matchlock Musket or Arquebus was used in the English Civil War, and the Hundred Years War along with Colonial America like Jamestown and in New France.

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"Battle of Nieuwpoort between a Dutch army under Maurice of Nassau and Francis Vere and a Spanish army under Albert of Austria, which took place on 2 July 1600 near the present-day Belgian city Nieuwpoort"

Spain - 1936. - GC - Batalla de Guadalajara

Spain - 1936. - GC - Batalla de Guadalajara

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Frederick Henry and Ernst Casimir at the siege of 'sHertogenbosch by Pauwels van Hillegaert

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