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Prince Williams and Kate enjoyed these Coconut Banana Fritters during their stay in Tuvalu. Find out why!

Coconut Banana Fritters

I don't usually pick my Friday afternoon snacks based on Prince William's and the Duchess' eating habits, but this week I couldn't help myself. The royal couple were fed these amazing fritters duri.

Coconut Banana Fritters:  I've never deep fried anything, but I suspect that there has to be a way to bake these.

Coconut Banana Fritters

Bunuelos (or Bimuelos) with Honey – Sephardic Hanukkah Donuts . Kitchen Explorers . PBS Parents | PBS

Herbivoracious Bunuelos w/Honey (Sephardic Hanukkah Donuts). Vegan if powdered sugar is subbed for honey.

What the Heck is Fufu? It's the most delicious food I tasted in Ghana travel!

What the Heck is Fufu?

For any reader of West African literature, or for any Western penpal of a Ghanaian student, a question looms large:What the heck is "Fufu"?Here is the short

Apple Fritter Donut Bites

Easy, homemade apple fritter doughnut bites with a simple glaze. Moist, fluffy and full of apple cinnamon flavor. Addictive, from scratch apple fritters.


Hanuka recipes of Stella’s Sephardic Table book: Leek, potato and fresh herb fritters – Keftes de prasa i patata

Seychelles: Imagine sitting by the sea one lazy afternoon, focused on the tattered nets of nearby fishing boats, when something big and hard bumps against your foot. When you look down, you see a giant, two lo…

Creamy Coconut & Banana Tart

Who's having African food for their Valentine's Dinner? Which do you prefer fufu (starchy vegetables like cassava, yams or plaintains and then pounding them into a dough-like consistency), Ugali ( dish of maize flour (cornmeal) cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency), Jollof or Njera ( yeast-risen flatbread)? Ghana  Nigeria  Ethiopia  Uganda  food  Africa

Who's having African food for their Valentine's Dinner? Which do you prefer fufu, Ugali, Jollof or Njera?

donut hole and better kabobs

I’m Always The Hostess: Brunch-Themed Bridal Shower

brunch idea, doughnut holes and fruit skewers - LOVE THIS for a slumber party breakfast or even as a fun side dish on Christmas morning. breakfast-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day

Rainbow Gospel Radio | Vanuatu Meat in a Nutshell

Rainbow Gospel Radio | Vanuatu Meat in a Nutshell

Take today’s recipe from Papua New Guinea: Saksak, a.k.a. Sago Dumplings. This slippery treat is made with nothing more than tapioca, bananas and sugar, wrapped up in a banana leaf “blanket” and swimming in a warm coconut sea.  I found everything for the Saksak in our grocery store except for the banana leaves. Those were a half mile away at the Latin grocer.

Tapioca & Banana Dumplings in Coconut Milk | Saksak

I hover over the dining table, scooping the tapioca and banana mush onto banana leaves to make saksak. The deep green leaves are soft and supple – completely relaxed from a pass over the lick…

Recipe: Caribbean Coconut Ice Cream from Haiti

Caribbean Coconut Ice Cream

Makes 5 cups I like to float around in easy, breezy sundresses all summer long. Finally, I like to eat ice cream by the gallo…