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As soon as you're gone I miss you by Lars Clausen, via


Seven-Spotted Ladybird or Seven-Spotted Ladybug (coccinella septempunctata)

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This colorful ladybug photography is very beautiful and when you put it as a wallpaper on your computer it seems that room you are at is f.


wow - I've never seen a purple ladybug! It's a Photoshop. However, there are blue Lady beetles. Steelblue Ladybird Halmus chalybeus Boisduval (I thought all ladybugs were red with black spots!

Ladybug and clover 4 rubble lucky :) Received shipment of 300 lady bugs which I'll place in the plants tonight at dusk, after watering the bushes.

Fortunato chi ce l'ha st patricks day four leaf clover , luck irish

Ladybugs--they come in an assortment of colors--red (of course), pink, yellow and white just to name a few.

Amazing Little Ladybugs (PICS)

Photo by little pixie Nature just continues to impress me. Here I thought ladybugs were only available in red but they come in an assortment of colors--pink, yellow and white just to name a few!


"Ladybirds and dewdrops reflected below ~ this sure does put on a colorful spring show!" (Written By: Lynn Chateau. Lady bugs have a way of always finding me even in winter.

A guide to British ladybirds – in pictures

A guide to British ladybirds – in pictures

Credit: Blickwinkel/Alamy The two-spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) has up to 16 black or red spots, which can be very variable – in splodges or in a grid pattern. It is the ladybird which most commonly overwinters in buildings