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anja konstantinova aka fellow crazy cat lady

Is this the coolest cat lady ever? Model takes fashion's feline obsession to new levels in latest campaign

I love it when they make good use of a cat in a fashion editorial. Also, new tattoo idea perhaps? Anja Konstantinova shot by Darren McDonald for Style Stalker.


<---in response to that. this beautiful creature is not a leopard. It's a cheetah! It's a cheetah not a leopard!

cheetahs...coming and going......

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

And this is a CHEETAH. I'm wondering if/ when people will stop confusing leopards/ leopard print and cheetahs/ cheetah print.

Something tells me that I should be eating you right now! Oops, did I just growl that aloud?

Harper's Bazaar Austraila April 2012 Photographer: Will Davidson Stylist: Jillian Davison Hair: Alan White Make-up: Kellie Stratton Model: Marloes Horst

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Man was not made to be Lonely- "can't you see,You will always be my Friend Quote-Wind in his hair/Dances with Wolves.

Aww.  I finally caught the damn thing, and damned if it doesn't taste just like me!

Mmmm taste like me..

om-nom-nom-my-tail-is-tasty - Heh, and I thought housecat hairballs are a nasty pain. Imagine what a snow leopard must hork up!


❥ When Mom gives you "the look". Eye contact by Zoran Milutinovic on

Highland cow calf! Good god I just died of cuteness overload, baby cow!!!!!

Fluffy Scottish Highland cow baby (heelan coo) How can you eat such a cute baby?

Africa | Lioness carrying cub, Masai Mara, Kenya | ©Paul and Paveena Mckenzie ~ Wildencounters

Africa Lioness carrying cub, Masai Mara, Kenya ©Paul and Paveena Mckenzie ~ Wildencounters

Anja Konstantinova by Darren McDonald for Style Stalker.

StyleStalker latest amazing look book featuring one of my favourite girls Anja Konstantinova and shot by the incredible Darren McDonald.

Let me show you what all that howl is for. (This was unfortunately unattributed, if anyone knows who took this please let me know.)

wolf “Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered.” ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype / Embodied