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It's time for some feels! #RumBelle - i already posted this before.. but i love this Image.. cudn't control....

It's time for some feels!

Time for some feels: super sweet Rumpel & Belle story (Once Upon A Time)

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Pretty much my favorite scene in season 3

Once Upon A Time ~ Hook (: < I love that little devilish look on his face. insinuating that he wanted his gratitude expressed as a kiss.

Too funny

True love (according to OUAT) starts out in THE most unusual places

"Pretty good?" Mulan is one of the best Disney movies ever made!

Neal and Mulan - "Yeah I don't know how to describe what a movie is.

Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 5 * 3 "Seige Perilous" #CaptainSwan

And THAT is how you do character development. Emma Swan and Killian Jones - 5 * 3 "Seige Perilous"

This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. Just when Emma was warming up to hook, Neal comes in. I can't believe he told them that Neal was alive! That was very good form. But seriously, I'm so upset because if there's anyone who deserves a happy ending, it's hook. But I feel like the only way that could happen is if Neal dies. For real this time. This is starting to be very similar to the novel I'm writing.

"I didn't do it for you mate" ;) Captain Hook and David, Once Upon A Time. Colin O'Donoghue and Josh Dallas OUAT.

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