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Cabbage Creations - Artist Ju Duoqi has reinterpreted iconic photographs into edible art using nothing but cabbage. The pin-ups in the art pieces above are made solely.

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Watermelon is refreshing and delicious to eat. Here are 10 Watermelon Carving Ideas and Tutorials that you can use for your next party.


Not just your usual donut with sprinkles on it! The sprinkles are actually policeman miniatures as a substitute for the toppings. It's a really creative way to decorate your food.

FOTOS: Bellezas femeninas de lechuga

Ju Duoqi goes to the vegetable market in Beijing to stock up on cabbages. But instead of using them to cook, the artist transforms the humble vegetables into works of art.

Tallado en sandía.

Una boca con lengua y dientes tallados en una sandía.

Watermelons are like the Jack-O-Lanterns of the summer, only better, since you can eat your work when you're finished carving a watermelon. View Pictures of Awesome Watermelon Carvings" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Escultura en sandía

Optimistic Pearl: Fruit -Vegetable Carving, Fruits and vegetables decoration, Salad decoration

Resultado de imagen para tallado de frutas y verduras animales

Watermelon carving has become extremely popular as the colors of the fruit lend themselves to some amazing creations. There are two basic reasons for creative watermelon art, and those are creations for a special event or table setting, or for.