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Ottoman dental book showing molars infected with toothworms. As early as Babylonian times and lasting well into the 18 century, it was thought that a toothache was caused by worms. The theory was disproved by Jacob Christian Schaffer in Tooth worms?

Astronomy: explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles, Volume 1; James Ferguson; Orrery

Astronomy: explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles, Volume James Ferguson;

Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript: the First Angel Sounds the Trumpet; Fire, Hail-stones, and Blood are Cast Upon the Earth

Illustrated Beatus manuscripts bring to life an extraordinary vision of the end of the world, as recorded by Saint John in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) and filtered through the lens of Beatus of Liébana, an eighth-century Asturian monk

Mozaïek van Cuypers: de vloer van het koor van de Munsterkerk.

Pattern at the floor at the abbey of Roermond, Netherlands

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LOVE THE TEXTURE, DIY Bird Silhouette Canvas; Layer canvas with choice paint, allowing each layer to dry before painting the next. Lightly sketch and use ruler to measure line, and sketch bird outlines. Fill with black paint. @ DIY Home Crafts


1109 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, Plague, War & Death represented by four men riding colourful horses. A demon or mythical beast waves its arms, lower right. From the Silos Apocalypse. The British Library.


Great stockings and garter detail. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin two initials from f.

Sacred Geometry: Printed Edition

Sacred Geometry: Printed Edition

41 pages of Sacred Geometry, Shapes and Designs. Books are High resolution, perfect for clipart and

Hours of Catherine of Cleves. The Netherlands, Utrecht, ca. 1440, hellmouth. The Morgan Library.

Hellmouth, Hours of Catherine of Cleves. The Netherlands, Utrecht, ca. The Morgan Library.

Vintage sewing needle package by meghan

Vintage sewing needle package--still have a lot of these. Mom always had a good supply for her sewing, and she also used these things to get slivers out of my hand after she had dipped the end in alcohol --did the trick.

The Regency Era Horror Movie (Image is A Phantasmagoria;—Scene–Conjuring-Up an Armed-Skeleton by James Gillray, 1803.)

The Regency Era Horror Movie

James Gillray, A Phantasmagoria - Scene - Conjuring up an Armed Skeleton, published January etching and aquatint, Gift of Thomas F. Furness in memory of William McCallin McKee, The Art Institute of Chicago (Image No.