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art of overwhelm

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot accidentally stumbled upon the concept of these rope masks when he was trying to sew a carpet out of standard rope.

Draw your name on cardboard. Design each letter differently. Cut out and arrange into a sculpture.

Middle School - Students design a different font type for each letter of their name. They color the letters to reflect their personality and then cut out letters from bristol board and then turn into sculpture.

cardboard mask | would be fun to have groups create individual parts if the face and bring it all together for a giant puppet/mask

We deliver best quality cardboard face masks of celebrities, politicians…

Bri-coco de Lolo: Masque avec des contenants recyclées

Recycling Plastic Detergent Bottles or Milk Jugs into Stunning Masks⭐⭐⭐màscara, reciclatge

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painted cardboard sculpture - could easily be an awesome ceramic slab sculpture!

cardboarders.com workshop WDKA - even better than the Paper Bag Players of my childhood!

PLANE- Made by a group of illustration students (could not fine anymore info on artists)- Cardboard Mask/Body Suit- Sep 25