tattoo with Children's initials on my foot

Wrist tattoo with Children's initials

Small cross tattoo!!

Cross neck tattoos of a tattoos and I would like a maltese cross in the back of my neck. I think the cross neck tattoos are some popular ta.

Sunflower tattoo

Getting a sunflower tattoo is an essential decision and a whopping deal because these tattoo designs can be particularly striking, especiall.

Nose piercings ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring jewelry

Leaf Feather Nose Ring Stud Sterling Silver by Holylandstreasures oh my gosh when i turn sixteen this is what im getting and nobody can stop me.

perfect spot- coverable but can choose to show it.more so than any of my others which only come out during swimsuit season.

509455686.jpg (500×404)

27 Heart-Melting Sister Tattoos---well I don't really have many sisters except one half sister that I never really talk to and I'm pretty sure hates me so I could do this with my cousin who is just like a sister to me

"compassion" - connection of the heart and soul

Zibu symbol on my left wrist. The blessing from the Angels explains this symbol as, “Compassion is a way of life. It connects the points in life. It connects Heart and Soul. It brings joy. It is heal

tattoo. if I ever got one this is what I want. in honor of my uncle and any one else who has lost their fight with depression. To Write Love on Her Arms changed my life. I used to cut myself. Who knows where I would be if that would have continued. Having that tattoo would also remind me of hope when I am in my darkest hours. Hope IS REAL<3

LOVE Tattoo on wrist. Except maybe with a lil turtle dove. The idea behind these tattoos , depending on why it's there, can be inspired

Open heart tattoo - meaning that my heart is never closed it is and will always remain open for those who would like to Be in it - YM

quite like this simple half heart tattoo - could be a cool thing to close with your wedding date