REALISTIC HOME MADE COSTUMES | Even when you’re the undead, it’s important that your hair be well ...

Body Painting from Universal Studios Hollywood

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Who's your morbid alter ego?

35 Disgusting and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas on Pinterest That Will Give You…

35 Disgusting and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas on Pinterest That Will Give You Nightmare

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Carefully molded from the finest latex to give the best fit. Add small amount of latex or spirit gum for easy fit. Very realistic.

Nose witch woochie

costume accessory: nose witch woochie Case of 2

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30 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women to Try - Flawssy


Cat eye with false eyelashes will add to the ghastly look you are going for this Halloween. Add to your Halloween eye makeup this year! - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup

By applying beautiful vivid colors, shadows and lights, make-up artists do their best to enhance their model’s beauty. But cosmetics are also a creative tool; you can use them to transform someone’s face, till the point where they become unrecognizable. That’s what the stunning artist Stephanie Marie goes. Stephanie Marie …

An April Love Pro Makeup Academy Special FX Student's work has gone viral! Check out the testimonial behind student success of the Wooden Doll FX Makeup.


consejos para tomar fotos en blanco y negro como profesional

Check out the beautiful intoxicating women of Australian freelance illustrator and Brooklyn, New York, based art director Justin Maller. One could get lost in their lovely abstract-shape covered skin.

'Creepy Circus' by @auroramakeup| Be Inspirational ❥|Mz. Manerz: Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence, happiness & politeness

Glam Circus - Gorgeous Halloween Makeup Looks

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The Eyebrows were a big hit on this when I did it for a Screaming Banchee Run. I wasn't happy with the Mouth make up. I rate it a Make-up Clown