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Ferenczy, Karoly (1862-1917) - 1903 October (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest) by RasMarley, via Flickr

radstudies: “ Károly Ferenczy (Hungarian, October - 1903 ” Károly Ferenczy (February 1862 – March was a Hungarian painter and leading member of the Nagybánya artists’ colony.

Karoly Ferenczy (1862 – 1917, Hungarian) - Before the Posters

Ferenczy, Karoly - 1891 Before the Posters (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest)

Árpád vezér és fejedelem (uralkodása: 895–907?)

Arpad Grand Prince of the Hungarians was head of the Hungarian tribes millitary leader Árpád vezér és fejedelem Born AC 845 - 907 >Reign (AC <

Siralomház Munkácsy Mihály festménye - Munkácsy Mihály – Wikipédia

Mihaly Munkácsy, 1880 The Condemned Cell II - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Munkácsy Mihály (1844-1900) - Levélolvasás - 1863

Munkácsy Mihály (1844-1900) - Levélolvasás - 1863

village-scene.jpg (1352×1080)

Village Scene, no date, Oil by Béla Iványi-Grünwald (Hungarian painter) 1867 - 1940

Munkácsy Mihály magyar festő (1844-1900) Tájkép, (Worcester Art Museum, Worcester)

Munkácsy Mihály magyar festő (1844-1900) Tájkép, (Worcester Art Museum, Worcester)

Ferenczy Karoly (by deflam)

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