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Melhor ou pior pai do mundo?

Dad behind amazing father-daughter photo series shares his secrets - TODAYMoms

Der Fotograf Sandro Giordano kommt hier mit einer ziemlich dunkel humoristischen Fotoserie namens „In Extremis (Bodies with no regret)“ um die Ecke. In seiner Reihe inszeniert der Künstler sorgfältig und sehr gestylt, Menschen die sich soeben nach allen Regeln der Kunst und auf extrem unangenehme Weise lang gelegt haben. Alle Modelle umklammern dabei mit ihren Händen Gegenstände des alltäglichen Lebens,... Weiterlesen

IN EXTREMIS - bodies with no regret is an excellent series created by photographer Sandro Giordano, who immortalizes improbable and funny falls into crazy and

baby back ribs/a whole bunch of father-daughter pics good for a laugh.

This guy& Daddy Daughter pics are awesome. Quote for this one: & wife didn& leave me with very clear instructions on how to feed Alice Bee while she is away. Luckily for me, it turns out Alice loves baby back ribs as much as I do!

Dave Engledow's project

After months and months of drafting, editing, and re-writing, we are now only one week away from publication! Make sure to pre-order "Confessions of the World's Best Father" and help Alice Bee make the bestseller list!

Fotoblur - me and the bee by Dave Engledow

World's Best Father - Funny Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow - DesignGrapher.

Zany Photos Of The 'World's Best Father' And His Adorable Daughter

11 Zany Photos Of The 'World's Best Father' And His Adorable Daughter

World's best father

Happy Daughters Day In honor of National Daughters Day, here are 44 of my favorite moments of the past years with my partner-in-crime Alice Bee.

Dave Engledow @wbfather Instagram profile - Enjoygram

World's Best Father: Perfect Poolside Reading by Dave Engledow

John and Caroline Kennedy

“ Caroline and President-Elect father John F. Kennedy pose for a series of portraits taken by Richard Avedon in ” Happy Fathers Day to all those blessed to have a prevalent and positive fatherly.

World's Best Father

Me and my girl: Father's adorable photos catalogue daring exploits with his toddler daughter (with a little help from Photoshop)

giving thanks

Though Engledow doesn& work as a photographer full-time — he& deputy director at the nonprofit Working America — he received a photojournalism degree from the University of Texas.

christmas time out by Dave Engledow in  Photography

Christmas Time Out - People thought I was crazy buying a second Christmas tree, but it sure comes in handy when Alice Bee decides she'd rather put her own decorations on our otherwise perfectly trimmed tree.