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Brazilian fan of the late music legend Michael Jackson spent fortune to look like his hero and even bleached with acid to lighten his complexion.

"They don't care about us" (Official Prison Version) as recorded by Michael Jackson

I saw MJ live in concert twice in the UK. The second time I got right to the front. His energy was so light and powerful that it was hard to stay present. I appeared on the big screens and so my friends who had lost me in the crowd realised I'd got to the front. They were more than a little green with envy.

"Always believe in yourself. No matter who's around you being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become." Michael Jackson quote on believe



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Hes so cute! #michaeljackson #moonwalker

Hes so cute! #michaeljackson #moonwalker

this quote is everything, and its so true. his lyrics are beyond moving...

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One of a kind and never again to be duplicated. What a very talented and gifted musician!

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