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The worst lies are the ones you tell yourself over and over again – the ones you live by. Perhaps someone close to you ingrained these lies in your mind, perhaps you were influenced by the negativity …

9 Lies to Unlearn Before it’s Too Late - some wonderful reminders here.

7 Ways to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong

7 Ways to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

7 Ways to Stay Strong When Everything Goes Wrong. It may feel like everything is falling apart, but perhaps it’s actually falling together?

Religion was invented for a pack animal to keep life easier, to shortcut our ways of thinking to a particularly commonality. That isn't a terrible intention, but eventually we are going to grow out of it. The fact that there is 4200 existing religions and believing only 1 is right is insane, and believing that we've actually discovered this being is even more insane. Science is similar to religion in that it explains things, but uses systems of logic and proofs instead.

Just a thought… religion is not evil, but evil people will corrupt it; science is not evil, but evil people will corrupt it

"I spent two hours per day… and in 3 months I have a house. A friend who was the most clever in the class he has a house too but he has to be in debt for 30 years, so compared to him I have 29 years and 10 months of free time. I feel life is so easy." Follow the picture to watch the TED talk on www.naturalhomes.org

I want to be equal to animals. The bird makes a nest in two days but clever humans like us spend 30 years to have a house, that's wrong!

10 reasons why you need long duration, low intensity running - Moosin

If you want to start a running habit, the perfect weather will not be there all the time. Read the 11 Reasons to start running.

Living Proof Holiday Hair Styles: Glamorous bun

Living Proof Holiday Hairstyle: Glamorous bun I wonder what the front looks like!