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"It's a universal fact that lonely people tend to stick together." Team 7 ~ as kids

They're all so cute!! Especially Kakashi trying to be all cool not even watching the movie

Movies with the Naruto characters! - Kankuro, Neji, and Chouji are missing!

This would have been so cool!

this is actually melancholic with some characters being alive. until u remember the part where Shisui is a fearsome ninja scrubbing the floor because he's grounded XD

nice NARUTO : Eyelinered Bros War  Best Movie Quotes Check more at http://kinoman.top/pin/24985/

Indra and Asura yeah this is so OOC and random lol, but Kishi pls make their longer vers flashback story or i’ll keep making shitty post abou.

Minato and Kushina from Naruto. Unexpectedly Complimentary by SchiraYuki And hinata just like minato

Minato and Kushina from Naruto. i think minato is trying to infer that he would prefer naruto to like hinata. you beter be listening, naruto

A quote that everyone should know

I'm home. This is one reason Iruka is my favorite character, apart from Naruto himself.) From Road to Ninja. Also, his name in Road To Ninja is Menma

Naruto if anyone know the creator of Naruto please tell him this all of the kids can see the dead... I starting to cry, don't jugde... I just really REALLY miss Neji, Jairaya(pervy sage), and Itachi

Negri Jariya naruto parent I'm HOING to die of sadness and kitsch it's so sad

Omg I luv them T~T

Tags: Anime, Fanart, NARUTO, deviantART, Haku (NARUTO) i'm watching the show and by this part i died a little inside

SasuHina CATxRABBIT 2 by loveHinaSasu on deviantART

Part - [link] Part - here 3 - [link] Animals: Sasuke - Cat Hinata - Rabbit Kiba - Dog Shino - B.