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quel sketchs [tosquinha]

In which hobbits are light on their feet and Bilbo is a show off Happy bagginshield to soothe botfa pains - art trade with romythe

Seems like Thranduil doesn't like Tauriel's new friend. But look at Kili's puppy eyes!

Tauriel never stood a chance, and even Thranduil might be shaken.

AriadnesPants, rutobuka2: my piece for the Happy Hobbit Holiday...

“ my piece for the Happy Hobbit Holiday exchange! this formatting is long af, but I don’t care, I want yall to see the holiday gayness clear as day♥ for celloize on ♥ this was heavily inspired in “Looking To See”, so yall.

One Day At A Time - I saw Kaciart and Ewebean's baby Bilbo, and I...

I saw Kaciart and Ewebean’s baby Bilbo, and I wanted to draw him too. I have this AU where Bilbo first met Thorin when he was just a child. What if one day Bilbo and his mother were traveling to Bree,.

This has taken me too long, but even though it’s not colored it’s a gif I enjoyed making !

inchells: “This has taken me too long, but even though it’s not colored it’s a gif I enjoyed making !

Tumblr inchells Bilbo wouldn't wake up, Thorin has the solution. Click the link, go look at the entire strip. It's cuteness!       Thorin Bilbo thilbo bagginshield hobbit

More of their work: HD Wallpaper and background photos of My Love Story Part 1 for fans of Thorin & Bilbo ~ Bagginshield images.

(4) Richard Armitage

Window on a short break from travel. Bilbo could be asking Thorin about why his eyes are so captivating how one defends oneself in close combat.

inchells:  I didn’t want to color or take too long on one thing so I decided to gif whatever

Thorin & Bilbo ~ Bagginshield images Bagginshield wallpaper and background photos

:3 Awww

The company wake up in the morning and find their burglar turned into a child… Bagginshield (Fem!Bilbo):: there's a child.