natalie wood (1938 jul20 - 1981 nov29, died at 43!) am. actress but of russian origin: Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko    she died from drowning, but it is unknown if husband Robert Wagner killed her, off  Santa Catalina Island, CA.      autopsy 1981 "accidental drowning"  autopsy 2011 "drowning and other undetermined factors"

natalie wood from july 1938 to november 1981 and died at the actress but of russian origin: natalia nikolaevna zacharenko. she died from drowning but it is unknown if husband robert wagner killed her off the santa catalina island, ca.

When she wed Robert Wagner in 1957, Natalie Wood looked stunning and of-the-moment in a face-framing lace hood, white cocktail dress and ballet flats.

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Natalie Wood and Lana Wood Natalie Wood (born 20 July and Lana Wood (born 1 March Hollywood sisters. Lana’s first film credit was playing the younger version of her older sister in The.

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“Natalie Wood with her Keane portraits in photos by Peter Basch. Natalie was a fan of the work of artist Margaret Keane, who was the subject of the recent (and quite excellent, imo) Tim Burton.