Walter and Jesse | Breaking Bad

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Breaking Bad, tv series, loved these guys, portrait, photo

look at what you have done hank.

The 24 Best Internet Reactions to the Final Season of Breaking Bad from Look What I Found ~ ffs Hank, get it right

Breaking Bad. The other caption has absolutely nothing to do with this... o.0

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Jesse Pinkman ❤ #sciencebitch #breakingbad #BrBa

amc's breaking bad, I love Jesse Pinkman! Aaron Paul you have done it again!

Bryan Cranston + Aaron Paul >>> Walter White: [while Jesse has a gun pointed at him] Do it. You want this.  Jesse Pinkman: Say the words! Say YOU want this! Nothing happens until I hear you say it.  Walter White: I want this.  Jesse Pinkman: [notices blood visible from Walt's chest, drops the gun] Then do it yourself.

"Breaking Bad" actors Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and more arrived to the premiere in the show's RV. Photos from the event on the Sony Lot in Los Angeles.