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Time for a tea party with this adorable crocheted tea set and scrumptious cupcakes.

crochet tea set

crochet tea set is the pattern included please I make items for kids at shelters but could you please share with me please and if others can you send also please

CROCHET N PLAY DESIGNS: New Crochet Pattern: Tea Set

CROCHET N PLAY DESIGNS: New Crochet Pattern: Tea Set. She has an Etsy shop with TONS of adorable patterns for play food, dr kit, make-up/hair dryer set, shaving set, etc.

Little Girls Crochet Tea Set!

Tea time has never been so much fun! This delightful carrying bag opens up to a beautiful mat, perfect for tea parties anywhere. Unfolded tea set carrier is across, and all designs are made using worsted weight yarn.