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Back in the day my room was completely glow-in-the-dark I had the glow-in-the-dark stars and the glow-in-the-dark planets LOL so cool back then also the glow-in-the-dark beads for my door

Glow in the Dark Ceiling Stars. I had these everywhere. On my ceiling and wall.

Kid Cuisine - I have to admit.... I eat these things still.... my favorite is the fish sticks with tater tots & corn.  :o)

20 Snacks That Will Make You Miss The ‘90s

20 snacks that will make you miss the Including Kid Cuisine and Dunkaroos.I totally ate Kids Cuisine with tacos, cheese sauce, corn, & a brownie!

Blossom: My Favorite 90s Toys

TY Beanie Babies were great for any kid, girl or boy! My kids had dozens of these!

i remember these

Melody Push Chime The Facts of Life! tv show of the Toy Character Stamps, omg I so remember these!

What Mom spanked Kevin with after he walked the length of the mall without ever checking to see where she was

The white huaraches - omg these were so popular back in the I had several pairs in different colors! These were my favorite shoes when I was a teenager! I wish that they would come back into style!

I think my sister actually has an identical one of these in her bedroom. Good lord.

YES bead lizards! I remember making these in elementary school.

every mcdonalds had these & birthday parties!!

McDonald's high chair I remember this! Tray wrapped in plastic with plastic bid and cookies packet under it.

This use to be my fave!

Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet Everything was rainbows and hearts; the were totally awesome for little girls.

would it be weird if I put these in my child's hair now? I loved picking out different ones every morning.

little girl hair barrettes.pink poodle and red bunny. I wore these as a kid!