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As the tiny house movement grows it's exciting to see so many creative people diving in an inventing new solutions to the small space challenge. The tiny house pictured here looks to me like one of

Tinyhouse - student style

The Tiny House, built during a unique summer camp at the Key School, is about to hit the road. The home built on a trailer bed will be one of the main attractions at this weekends Maryland Home & Holi.


A LUXURY tiny house on wheels! And its fully off-grid capable.


5 impressive tiny houses you can order right now

Anyone wanting to construct their own tiny house can now buy detailed plans for a micro dwelling designed by Washington DC studio Foundry Architects

No Loft V House Nelson Tiny House 003

230 Sq. Ft. V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

No Loft V House Nelson Tiny House 003 ***Raised seating area

Sublime 134 sq. ft. tiny home is a Japanese "Tea House" : TreeHugger

Sublime 134 sq. ft. tiny home is a Japanese "Tea House"

Japanese-style tiny house by Oregon Cottage Company A tatami-mat "tea room" in a 134 sq.

La mini casa de Alek Lisefski es todo un ejemplo a seguir | La voz del muro

Cansado de alquileres y viviendas carísimas, mira lo que hizo… pero mira dentro

He, his girlfriend Anjali and their dog Anya moved into the tiny house that he built. (I'm down for the tiny house movement but I would definitely double the size of this house. It's super cute but I need space so I don't feel closed in.

Great use of space in TINY apartment.

Fantastic secret bed hides below the floorboards

Small Apartment With Unique Hidden Bed Design, by POINT Architecture WOAH! I wonder what is above the bed by the stairs

small cottage House Designed with balcony (2)

Visite las Molecule Tiny Homes con nosotros

Ahh that's better.  Ground floor roll out bed saves loft for storage.  Would be even better if this could be designed to roll out halfway as a couch and all the way as a bed...

From Dan Louche @ Tiny House Build

Tiny Living Ltd. son los creadores de esta hermosa casa diminuta sobre ruedas que tiene un interior verdaderamente de ensueño.

A custom tiny house by the Mint Tiny House Company.


idea for our garage just not so fancy and steps maybe on both sides instead of the ladder. above our garage is covered up wasted space!

Tiny House for Two - A 160 square feet tiny house on wheels built from a modified version of The Tumbleweed Walden in Oregon (pinned by haw-creek.com)

Tiny House Swoon - Part 3


Full Moon Tiny Shelters: The Harmony Tiny House on Wheels

tinyhousedarling: “Full Moon Tiny Shelters: The Harmony Tiny House on Wheels”

woodland-tiny-house-(13 pics) Rebecca`s Tiny House Swoon - full bath w tub

Sweet cottage-like woodland tiny house.

A modern, colorful 140 square feet tiny house on wheels in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Tour the Tiny Toybox Home