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Ciana -- Formerly Lucifer's second in command; The Grim Reaper; Former Queen of Hell; Used to be Lucifer's lover; Half angel, half demon; Traded her immortality for a normal human life with no memories of her past in heaven or hell

Emily Rudd

Emily Rudd Brunettes Chain Link Fence Dress Long Hair hd wallpaper by LadyGaga

Lovely Emily Rudd

Emily Rudd for Pandora Ravenel is Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Daija Marie Olmedo

Daija Marie Olmedo, Age Caste Four, Fencing Instructor [FC: Samantha Boscarino] (Bonita) - Submitted by GingersnapBeat

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“gotta catch some major 💤 and get back to work/real life after a wacky miami weekend with my floridians love you lil…”

forever-21-brickbrown-sun-graphic-racerback-tank-brown-product-0-648401541-normal.jpeg (750×1101)

forever-21-brickbrown-sun-graphic-racerback-tank-brown-product-0-648401541-normal.jpeg (750×1101)

Connor let one, two tears escape, as he tried to tell Grace goodbye, that she was better off without him. She wasn't having any of it. "Forget the reasons why it won't work,and believe the only reason why it will"

Writing inspiration: The phone booth call. "Pick up the phone at the nearest train station. You'll received instructions from there.