Can't go to New Zealand without stopping by Hobbiton!

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Gunlock Reservoir State Park~St. George…UT

UTAH - Top 10 Things to do in St. George Utah: Gunlock Waterfalls and Pools

bolivia . Favorite places and spaces . Discover the world . Next trip .

Geisers in Bolivia, South America Capital: La Paz or Sucre. Around the midddle of South America. Shares borders with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay & Argentina

Everything I am surrounds me with light. Definitely not selfish.

Alluring sunlight reflects upon the glassy ocean waves casting dazzling flashes of lights resembling sparkling diamonds in the sea. A photograph by artist Michael Rock diamonds on the of my favorite things

Where is this? must know!!!

I want to go to there (38 photos)

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. It’s an area composed of sand dunes that gets flooded by rainwater every year to create these gorgeous freshwater lagoons. One of the places I must visit in my lifetime.

Waiheke Island, Aukland, New Zealand Cant wait to be there in less than a month!

Te Whau Point, Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand. My daughter is in New Zealand now. Wish I could go visit