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Baby Chimp gets a new family through compassion and collaboration between two AZA zoos: Lowry Park Zoo and Oklahoma City Zoo.

Baby Chimp Gets a New Family Through Compassion and Collaboration Between AZA Zoos

Orphaned Chimpanzee Ruben finds a new home and surrogate mother at the Oklahoma City Zoo!My boyfriend makes this face hahaha


Young gorilla mum N´Gayla with her twin babies, Burgers zoo Netherlands

Watching People

The Thinking Gorilla "á la Rodin" by sergei gladyshev ( Legault LEGO

Baby Chimp..we are 98.6 exactly the same (DNA)

He looks like he's carrying the weight of the worldon his little shoulders.

Monkey - gorgeous picture

Monkey - gorgeous picture

Bonobo mom with her infant - look at that baby smiling!

Обезьянки. Портрет

Do you love monkeys, and you are sick of watching old pictures of monkeys on social media? Well try these top 27 funny pictures of monkeys. Monkeys are primates.

Shhhhh... He's sleeping! #monkey #sleep

Sleeping chimp cute animals baby adorable sleep animal sleeping monkey animal pictures chimp so sweat i want one


Gombe chimpanzee Fanni cradles her newborn, Fax. Baby chimpanzees are almost always in physical contact with their mother in their natural habitat. This is the 'face' of true love.

christmas lights zoo chimpanzee swinging - Google Search

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens Welcomes Two Baby Chimpanzees

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A mother chimpanzee cuddles her child. (© Rex Features) [per previous pinner]

Image: Chimpanzees (© Rex Features)