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Can't say it any clearer

zodiaccity: “ Libra Thought. – “It’s not always easy being strong. I can’t count the number of times my face was smiling from ear to ear when deep down inside, I felt like I was drowning in stress.

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Only when Iam upset.  I am one of the few who speaks softly- almost muffled at times.  Auditory issues?? Maybe?  Who knows

ZODIAC LIBRA FACTS - Libras tend to have very loud laughs or talking voices. I have a loud laugh and sometimes talking voice.


Almost all true except the loudmouth.actually I don't like loudmouths even tho I am one.

I don't really have a connection to children but sure do have a connection to animals.

There is no doubt that Libra is one of the most compelling signs of the zodiac. Their captivating charm and good-natured personalities make them everyone's ideal friend. But there is so much more to a Libra than what you see on the surface.