Explore Summer Breeze, Moving Hanging Clothes, and more!

me and Alice

My house may be cluttered at times, but guests have always loved the smell of my home and the fresh sheets. Nothing replaces the great fresh air in Northern Maine off the Aroostook River.


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Was just wishing the other day that I had a clothes line. Now one with mountains in the background in this place would be a dream come true!

laundry drying in the summer breeze. I've always wanted a clothes line. I actually LIKE hanging clothes outside to dry in the sun.

Clothing or sheets dried by the sun. The fragrance of UV rays just says clean.

Hanging your clothes outside to dry. My sweet Mom would hang our bed linens & sheets on the line in the spring! Oh I can still smell the sweetness!

How I miss freshly laundered sheets dried in the sun and fresh air! Childhood longings.

washing clothesline - I love this, hanging right over the garden so the plants get the benefit of the humidity.

♡ Use these as pergola posts and attach retractable clotheslines.

Upscale trailer trash:) but do miss clothes lines! Decorative clothes line! Really neat idea so it won't be an eye sore. Forrest Forrest Holland this made me think of you, cause I know how you love to use a clothes line!

Wind in her sails

sparism: poboh: Wapperend wasgoed op de dijk / Laundry flapping on the dike, Volendam,Netherlands, , Henk Jonker. Dutch - beautiful laundry girl at line seaside

Was drogen in de wind ~**

Nothing like the fragrance of lined dried sheets! I so miss my clothesline! One chore I looked forward to doing. There was something therapeutic about hanging clothes and watching them blow in the breeze.

Once upon a time there were no clothes dryers only the sun and the breeze. We used to be so green.

Once upon a time there were no clothes dryers only the sun and the breeze