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1.July 7th.

Fanart Hunter x Hunter Gon happybirthday HxH leorio kurapika Killua Killua Zoldyck gon freecss glad I made it in time i didn't put my signature in the picture so please do not re-upload as your own art b-day fanart

To Gon: aww, I missed you too!; to Killua: hey, I missed you too,; to Leorio: don't worry, I didn't forget you...; to Hisoka: AW HELLS NAW,

Gon, Kurapika, Killua, Leorio, and Hisoka XD ~Hunter X Hunter

hahahaha killua :') Kurapika & LEORIO

I bet he does! Remember the face he had when Leorio touched Kurapika while Gon was fighting against the ninja freak?

Gon and Killua ~Hunter X Hunter.. the saddest  movement which still breaks my heart every time i watch..

Gon and Killua ~Hunter X Hunter. the saddest moment which still breaks my heart every time i watch.