Ann Rutherford - known for many roles, but the most common one was for playing Polly Benedict in the "Andy Hardy" movies ♺ Kathy H

A very nostalgic photo of MGM's favorite "Girl-Next-Door" Ann Rutherford, trimming a Christmas tree in Rutherford memorably played the Ghost of Christmas Past in the great MGM film "The Christmas Carol.

She's blowing out a Christmas candle.!...* 1500 free paper dolls including Christmas dolls international artist and author Arielle Gabriel's The International Paper Doll Society for my Pinterest paper doll pals *

Vintage Christmas Greeting Card - by Norcross Lady in stripes EB1418

Shirley JONES est une actrice américaine née le 31 mars 1934 à Charleroi, Pennsylvanie (États-Unis).

Shirley JONES est une actrice américaine née le 31 mars 1934 à Char...

and Mother of Rock and Roll, TV-Style.hopes that Santa will bring her a nice dress and stockings and high heels so she can change into something more appropriate for Christmas Mass!

National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum | Outside Philadelphia PA. Includes a 1950s Woolworth's 5&10!

Vintage Woolworth's at Christmas Exhibit at the National Christmas Center and Museum in Paradise, Pennsylvania

Had the tv and the aluminum christmas tree...with the twirling colored light that transformed the color of the tree.

We take a look at 219 photos of vintage aluminum Christmas trees uploaded by readers. Pom Poms, Evergleams, Revcos -- even vintage Australian trees!