Vintage Halloween Postcard

Halloween Greeting - There are a plenty pumpkin heads / to gaze at you all day / And smile or frown as daintily / you pass along the way / But I am not a pumpkin head / for were I only there / I'd never let you pass me by / so tell me, do you care?

How fun is this card? - thanks, Lisa Wiffledust

The Highest Expectations for Halloween ~ vintage pumpkinhead child ghost illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle.

Vintage Halloween

Divided Back Postcard Halloween Pleasures, Of all the Fun and Merry Jest To Bob for Apples is the Best

May the blackest cat you've ever seen, bring you good luck this Halloween - Vintage Halloween postcard

Everybody loves vintage Halloween cards!

Old Halloween Post Cards — May the blackest cat you've ever seen bring you Gook Luck This Halloween,