I love the idea of this photo so much !! I would only choose to style the subject differently, something innocently sexy ... Pure white showing up clearly while she is pregnant.... & then a pop of color to show up on the baby in the mirror image.  she is beautiful with child, and gorgeous as a mother ;).

Pregnancy photo idea, one of the best ones I've seen! Doing this the next time I have a little one. not for another 5 years but Awesome picture!

maternity| http://coolphotoshoots.blogspot.com

Maternity shoots - I want a picture like this. With Cadence sneaking in between us do this for wedding photo the maternity photo

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LOOK: Dad's Hilarious Photobomb Goes Viral

JJ deffff gonna be photo bombin! van liew Javine Husband photo bombs wife's maternity shoot with hilarious consequences

I've seen lots of announcements like this that only include the shoes, but I love the idea of having the ultrasound picture in it, too!