Oh what society has become

This picture here is an allegory. This hidden meaning in the picture is what society is today. Society is all about social media and people constantly on their phones.

social media addiction-Knowing Realness. What keeps a mind in a Fantasy World and then those Online who have Proven to be in the flesh good ppl-not crazy, manipulative, etc. and not seeking attn from an endless crowd of sex craved-driven fans. Awakening. Meh.

Art Idea, could be sick with water colors as the color and the rest in charcoal or pencil

Der Illustrator Al Margen aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien zeichnet Bilder, die mehr erzählen als tausend Worte. Er beschäftigt sich mit…

In this day and age, it seems our society has jumped off a cliff with so many issues and troubling conduct. We all see this stuff going on, but no one seems

Phones are like the facehuggers in Alien because they make monsters pop out of peoples' stomachs.

Laughed way too hard. So me right now lol

Like it's is nearly and I'm still in bed bc I can't drag myself out from under that heavy feeling and face the day. So I lay here feeling guilty that I'm not more than I am.

An Earnest Guide To Breaking Your Social Media Addiction | Thought Catalog

An Earnest Guide To Breaking Your Social Media Addiction

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65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

Art is often a mirror, reflecting the social issues and problems of the day. With the rise of ubiquitous Internet, the smart phones, and other Internet enabled

Time slips through your fingers.

Time I like how something like time (something we rely on) is shown as it's melting. Meaning that time is being wasted.<<< time is slipping through our hands c:

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Anyone else guilty of over thinking? Thought so! I actually have a printout of this above my desk as a reminder. Sometimes, when you’re all chaos inside, it’s a nice thing to remember that a) you’re probably over thinking a