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I’ve been tatting a bit more recently - it’s been nice.) a new crochet project!

Beautiful motifs! No pattern/chart, but a few close-up shots. These are actually 4 square repeats joined together to get this larger motif.

Commuter tatting

Patchwork by Mary Konior, Tatting With Visual Patterns of 25 Motif Challenge

Absolute Beginner Tatting instructions

Absolute Beginner Tatting instructions for those wanting to learn

Tatted Edge Attachment Tutorial by jojotte7890 on flickr - step 09 - you should see the line of crochet stitches forming

I should bring out my tatting needles and thread and linens and do this. Attaching tatting to a handkerchief.

24 tat snowflake #tatting #ornament #ornie

24 tat snowflake so beautiful.

Absolute Beginner Tatting Series. Lots of tutorials.

absolute beginner tatting series--applies to shuttle tatting but there's some good info nonetheless