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Creative Book and magazine Cover Designs a challenge designing Book Cover design is an art and publisher pay very keen interest in getting amazing cover designs developed for their books or magazines .

Editorial Design / H Magazine Issue #61

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attitude magazine

Once again, Daniel Radcliffe demonstrates that he's one of the smartest actors out there, and best advocates for LGBT rights. In an Attitude magazine cover story which I picked up on the iPad, Radcliffe talks at length about anti-gay bullying and… Read

The Albion magazine (UK)  A bit too centric.  I like how the bike riders are in and out of the number one.  Shows movement.

The Albion BMX Magazine Issue 1 // Black and white photo + yellow number 1 translucent tone emphasizes central action

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Mode, Trends, Beauty und People

Faux Vogue cover illustrated with Veronica Type. The font for 'vogue' on this cover is different from the normal font they seem t use however I think it works really well as it reflects the artistic structure theme that is coming across from the image.

Erbghin Kreattiv Magazine Covers by Andrew Carter

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