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How to make a wormhole using a cat and a piece of buttered toast

Parental Bonding Script for Developers: Throwing a Ball with your offspring.

Bonding - I'm trying to build character but Eclipse is really confusing.

I wish people who didn't get it would just stop judging. If it makes me happy, then what's it to you?

So true. People wonder why I watch movies and TV shows and read books over and over. It's because there's something new to discover every time.


wundernetz — expose-the-light: Ingredients of life .

That's what she said will always be funny to me because of Lane on big brother. "why would she say that?" "I don't know who SHE is, but apparently she says EVERYTHING"

Need help from someone with a creative bone

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Information Age: I am extremely guilty of doing some of these. It kind of funny how we do not know what to with ourselves when our internet is down yet there is tons to do. Our generation is so consumed by the internet that we often forget that there is a real world outside

Things to do when the internet goes down MEME Lol funny pictures and lol. the best fun and hilarious images

Frank getting hit, Percy kicking, Piper and Jason on the bench together, Hazel in the middle, Leo on the left side and Annabeth videoing

Draw the squad (゚∀゚)

deciphermyart: A new meme “Draw your OCs/Squad like this”Credit appreciated but not necessary

Merlin Monroe

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When my dad was little, he and his family were migrant farmworkers-picking potatoes in California. I try to remember everyday that I am one generation away from that incredibly hard, back-breaking work. Thank you Dad!

Funny pictures about Thank you Jesus. Oh, and cool pics about Thank you Jesus. Also, Thank you Jesus.

Science Always Seems to Win Out

Science Always Seems to Win Out

Science Poster

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Funny pictures about Pan Solo. Oh, and cool pics about Pan Solo. Also, Pan Solo.

Detailed Explanation Of Why Planes Fly

Funny pictures about How planes fly. Oh, and cool pics about How planes fly. Also, How planes fly photos.