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lime-hael i give you my congrats of your creativity making this comics i really love

Triwizard-Partner by Lime-Hael on deviantART Peter Pan and Merida. I never realized how much I want this until now.

Rapunzel did not see that coming... :)

Ruffnut and Rapunzel. Just a little talk---In my ROBTFD AU where they get run out of Arendelle, what if they hide out in Berk

Jack and Merida! So cute!

I dont love Jardia. You can ship them without people getting angry. Because Rapunzel has Flynn and Hiccup has Astrid but Jack and Merida have nobody. But jack have elsa. İ ship only raflyn(rapunzel flyn),jelsa(jack elsa)and hiccuptrid(hiccup astrid)