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Oh my, many ideas in my head to make a beautiful quilt out of all these beautiful figures. Not exactly sure where to start😌

very cool tattoo idea actually

Waterbirth serving the mothers and families in the Tucson, Arizona area of the United States. Whole Birth Midwifery is proud to provide natural childbirth options in the

Alternative drinks and food you can eat before a glucose test. I think I'm going to drink 10 oz of grape juice for mine.

Third Trimester: Glucose Test Alternatives

Third Trimester: Glucose Test Alternatives - aka - why I always skip the disgusting standard GTT test.

Tricks, Remedies and Safe Medications to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy — Pregnant Chicken

Heartburn During Pregnancy

Tricks, Remedies and Safe Medications to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy — Pregnant Chicken. I had HORRID heart burn with Matthew. Hopefully not as bad the next time.

Домашний детокс: эта ванночка творит чудеса!

A key component of citrus essential oil may be a natural way of preventing liver cancer, according to a new study from the Ruhr University Bochum.

Protections for mothers are under threat - Improving Birth | Improving Birth

Improving Birth, Rally for Evidence Based Birth! September Find a location near you!

Again with my awesome fictional baby stuff. I don't care if it is a girl, I'm getting these for my kids.

mustache pacifier - I want to get these when my sister has kids. Haha so funny

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Pleasant Postpartums

Pleasant Postpartums offers encapsulation in your home, or in ours . We bring all our own supplies to your home to process your placenta.

How To Know If You Are Having a Boy or a Girl. Some cool to see if it's right when I get pregnant.

Chinese calendar was amazingly accurate for predicting my children! How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl Infographic - This is so fun even if it may not be true. According to most of these it's a girl!

This is a doorway in labor that mothers walk through, there is no way around this passage of birth intensity, only through it. It is time to...

Birth-Sensations-&-Protecting-the-Perineum. The three biggest fears in labor and birth are pain, pooping, and tearing. Here's a great article about how to reduce your risk of tearing by protecting your perineum.