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fun trees surface pattern design by Bethan Janine copyright © Bethan Janine Westran 2012

“Capitalism” Poster Annual 2015 - Graphis

The barcode is visualized as the window of prison, which show the concept of social issue. This helps to portray the idea that consumerism is a prison that we all fall victim too

How to Clean up Your Hand Lettering in Photoshop

i'll use this when i learn photoshop.A Beginner's Guide to Spiffing Up Your Hand Lettering in Photoshop via James Ketsdever.

I really like the text in this PSA because it uses water pipes to spell out help to communicate Africa needs help getting water.

20 Creative Advertisements for Non Profits

Социальные сети Беликова Ивана

Russian illustrator Ivan Belikov created his own personal series of illustrations about social media networks. A mix of logo interpretation and a lot of imagination to create these awesome illustrations.