⋆› ι'м נυѕт ѕσмє ∂υмв кι∂ тяуιиg тσ кι∂ муѕєℓf тнαт ι'νє gσт ιт αℓℓ тσgєтнєя ‹⋆

These fucking colours are so beautiful. I'm actually considering dying my hair dull shades of magenta and purple. But I love my blue-green hair too much.

anime, boy, and drawing image

"Boy, oh boy, I love it when I fall for that, I'm weak"

Illustrator : @kk_ya103  (Twitter)

S: Killer butterflies? Needs to be something more intricate and cooler than that.


I think i might have a ear fetish or a piercing fetish 🤔

Did I pin this dude yet?

loves chaos and destruction. has a bit of a god complex. isn't exceptionally skilled in anything, but will gladly engage in battles. has no problems killing/playing dirty.