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i have never seen the princess and the frog and i don't want to and Mulans hair isn't really messy.just sayin.>>The Princess and the Frog is perfect and you don't know what you're talking about


Screencaps all credit to the movie Tangled. I arranged them to create a common "Escalated" meme. I thought this was fitting Tangled Meme

You can't always control who walks into your life...but you've now been invited to leave and never return. Pussy.

You can't always control who walk into your life but you can control which window to throw them out. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.



I want a castle. <<< I want to meet Misha Collins. Plus, I want a castle.

Eugene dreamed for a castle. He met Rapunzel. Rapunzel became a queen. Rapunzel became Eugene's new dream.

"I could get used to a view like this.yep, guys I want a castle. Sumed up well. It would be like me saying guys I want to meet captain america:)

Disney y u didn't just say it straight?

Disney y u didn't just say it straight?

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