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The Deadliest Female Sniper in History

The Deadliest Female Sniper in History

The informative yet morbid Famous Crime graphic provides some fascinating facts on some of the most famous and high-profile murder cases in the histor

Some of the most famous and brutal crimes throughout history and the criminals who carried them out including Ted Bundy and Mary Bell.

symbolism of death. fascinating #amwriting

Paranormal Adventures, Something Comes For Us When We Die.

Death & Gravestone Symbolism from LifeInsuranceFinder.au takes an in-depth look at the most common signs and symbols used on gravestones around the world.

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The Rudest Hand Gestures From Around The World And What They Mean

Don’t embarrass yourself: This infographic breaks down obscene hand gestures from around the world

8 Mythical creatures that actually existed…

Mythical things that actually existed.

Myths have to come from somewhere. However - Warrior women were not just found in the example given but in many other cases as well, also, they were never just a myth, they have always been history.