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The super Guppy nasa plane... It's used to transport large cargo's, and wales I suppose.

The super Guppy nasa plane. It's used to transport large cargo's, and whales I suppose. ( I remember seeing this plane, or it's father when I was young at a Point Mugu Airshow in Ca. I fell in love with them. So big and round.

NASA Super Guppy - Converted Boeing Stratocruiser.

NASA Super Guppy - Converted Boeing Stratocruiser looks like a whale

UFO: UFO by NASA, art by Luca Oleastri - #ufo

This video looks at The Chupacabra and other legendary creatures with sightings of allegedly unknown animals.


Black Phoenix Project: Ambulance Mech by Bulgarov, › Sci-Fi Tools: Softimage / Keyshot, Photoshop

NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine. A lot of design to stremline

NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine, plane of the future? This an illustration.

Would have loved to have seen this.

The space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop a specially-modified NASA 747 jet, approaches Los Angeles International Airport last week. The retired spacecraft will be towed to its new home at the California Science Center.

Orion Heat Shield Transported Aboard Super Guppy Plane The heat shield for NASA's Orion spacecraft was loaded onto a Super Guppy plane in Manchester, N.H. on Dec. 4, for transport to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The heat shield, the largest of its kind ever built, is being unloaded Thursday, Dec. 5, and is scheduled for installation on Orion in March 2014.

Orion Heat Shield Transported Aboard Super Guppy Plane

NASA's Super Guppy transport plane transports the Orion heat shield from Manchester, NH to the Kennedy Space Center in FL.

Antonov AN-124 heavy lift transporter

A flying whale, the Aero Spacelines Super Guppy.

Airbus A380 Extraordinary Facts #Infographic

As the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft, the is a seriously big plane. We put together some amazing facts about it with this infographic

Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation aircraft picture

Great to see a classic prop amongst all the new heavy metal - Photo taken at Paris - Le Bourget (LBG / LFPB) in France on June

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The future: the US Navy lands fighter jet sized drone on aircraft carrier for the first time - amazing day for aviation, July, 2013