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Rap Names Pop Chart Lab infographic (1000×1376) is a grand taxonomy of rap names and how they are connected via crime, wordplay, virtues, coolness, physical, and beyond. Rappers are brands that C-Murder, and sometimes cold as a Ice Cube.

Infographic of the Day: The Ultimate Guide to Rapper Names

Supplement 'a165' - www.lucasinfografia.com

Supplement 'a165' - www.lucasinfografia.com

The best of Visual Loop – December 2013 Photo

The best of Visual Loop – December 2013


Infographic spread page about Palmyra for Today newspaper. Was made before Islamic State blew Palmyra’s Arc of Triumph

Human Connectome Project

White matter fiber architecture of the brain. from the human connectom project.

Infographics Documental

By Megan Jaegerman. "A wonderfully contextual field guide below. Most fields guides isolate each animal or plant; here many animals and plants are placed in their natural context along with the fully integrated explanatory text: " (Edward Tufte)