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My fake eeveelution: Groundeon by Raipeee

Here comes my ground-type eeveelution ! please don't ask about the blue color, I don't even know myself why I wanted to put blue marks on it. My fake eeveelution: Groundeon

Stingeon -Fake Eeveelution by ARVEN92

I think Stingeon would be a crazy awesome edition to the eeveelution family.

FAKE - 470 - MegaLeafeon by Tails19950.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My own creation for a Mega evolution? This one's for one of my favourite Pokemon Leafeon!

Google Image Result for http://th06.deviantart.net/fs29/PRE/f/2008/136/5/b/Fake_Eevee_Evolutions_by_Jenicole.jpg

DeviantArt: More Like eevee fake evolutions sheet by

Steeleon -Fake Eeveelution by ARVEN92

Steeleon -Fake Eeveelution by

My fake eeveelution: Dragoneon by Raipeee

My second-last fake eeveelution submitted here, woohoo! :''D Bug-type left anymore ! My fake eeveelution: Dragoneon