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Address-Book Wedding Favor - 50 Good Things for Your Wedding via Martha Stewart Weddings

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Address Book Wedding Favor: Get them started by stamping your newlywed names and your address in the book.

Country Wedding Rubber-Stamped Favor-Bags Clip Art and How-To - Martha Stewart Weddings Favors    with salt water taffy

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Country Wedding Rubber-Stamped Favor-Bags Clip Art and How-To - Martha Stewart Weddings Favors with salt water taffy



Printable monogrammed wrapping paper

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From welcome bags to farewell favors, every gift you give guests can bear a message that adds to the memorable vibe of your day.

Favor Tag Clip Art and Templates

Six free Clip Art Favor Tags - Martha Stewart Weddings Favors - great for showers or other parties too!

Fleet Chic -     Salute nautical Nantucket, Cape Cod, Mystic, or other coastal cities with sailors' rope bracelets that shrink to fit ( Or bestow "The Arts of the Sailor: Knotting, Splicing, and Ropework" to show guests the ropes.    Get the Favor-Tag Clip Art

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Salute nautical Nantucket and Cape Cod or other coastal areas by adorning sailors’ rope bracelets or a book of knots with our favor tags.

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding (or are just a fan of florals), send friends and family home with favors featuring beautiful blooms and greenery. Whether in fresh, faux, or seedling form, our ideas for garden-worthy guest gifts are guaranteed to please. 

Flower and Plant Wedding Favor Ideas

Daffodil Favors "A host, of golden daffodils/beside the lake, beneath the trees/fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

See the "Accordion-Folded Clip-Art Valentines" in our Valentine's Day Card Clip Art and Templates gallery

Accordion-Folded Clip-Art Valentines

Accordion-Folded Clip-Art Valentines and other free St. Valentine's Day clip-art from Martha Stewart

Here's a wedding placecard idea by Christy Toney.  Wrap matchboxes in complimentary colored cardstock and add your guest's names.  You can find complementing cardstock collections at

Matchbox Escort Cards Wrap matchboxes with pretty paper and write your guests' names on them for a great double-duty favor. The pattern or color of the paper dictates which table they're assigned to.

Dress up your matchboxes with these pretty fall labels. Just download and print onto label paper and use them to cover the mini boxes.

Printable Matchbox Labels for Fall

Salty Hafco licorice ( is a classic Dutch treat. Stow them in boxes wrapped with our tulip patterns.

Regional Wedding Favors

#Libra say xoxo to your girl/boyfriend with these cookies even if you are not with her/him  #xoxo #design #delicious #yummy #gastronomy #art #zeynepturan #twitburc #astrology #cookie

Simple sugar cookies become tokens of affection when cut into X& and O& for your valentine. This recipe appears on the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies App. Also try: Chocolate Hugs and Kisses Cookies

Favor bags are filled with jelly beans and finished with stick-on labels. "Sos" bags (No. 7731000), Paper Mart. 8-by-2-inch labels (No. 800200), Jelly beans, Jelly Belly.

50 Creative Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests