Douglas Fey pottery dog.

Ceramic cat Birdhouses & Ceramic dog birdhouses are humorously handcrafted by Doug Fey. Unique Birdhouses are custom made after your fur kid!

Zany Cat Birdhouse Gargler

Yes, this is a bird house! Amazing care, creativity, and craftsmanship! Douglas Fey Pottery - nothing like it!

Художник Mitchell Grafton и его уникальные творения - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

Mai dire Mai: I gatti di ceramica da Mitchell Grafton!

Llamas, & rabbits & horses - bird gargler (bird house) - Douglas Fey

think mache vs clay Llamas, rabbits horses - bird gargler (bird house) - Douglas Fey

Douglas Fey Pottery Bird Garglers  I have three now and the birds are always fighting over them:)

Another "bird gargler", fantastic pottery birdhouses by Douglas Fey Pottery

Douglas Fey Pottery

Fun birdhouse is high-fired with attitude for year-round use by feathered friends. Crafted with a wicked sense of humor. he's the perfect nesting site in spring, and roost during the off-season.