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"the vanishing harbour..." (2007)

"the vanishing harbour.

Untitled by Matteo Angelotti, via 500px

♂ Black & white Untitled by Matteo Angelotti, via You can't spell architecture without "arch" :) One of our favorite, and strongest, shapes!

slenders--looks like a Michael Kenna photo. ??

Nilgun Kara's beautiful black and white landscape photographs are filled with serenity and peace.

Amazing Pictures of One Point Perspective Photography 10

Two of my favorite types of photography are Black and White photography and one point perspective photography. One point perspective is defined as a straight

https://flic.kr/p/dF7kUa | vanishing | from the Vanishing series (I, II, III and IV)  Posts about the series: here and here   Also in Behance  Follow me on twitter!

Alessandra Celauro is 20 year old photographer/art student based in Paraguay.

The Road West, New Mexico - Dorothea Lange (1938)

jesuisperdu: The Road West, New Mexico, Dorothea Lange

You just had to try to steal the figurine, didn't you? Shut up and run!

Moon by Helmut Adler. That's a BIG moon!

She was one who looked at the world and saw it for how it was long ago, and yearned for it to be one that way again... ~N

Who Is Your Fictional Soulmate? [for girls, only]

by Marriah Star, There are 10 levels of consciousness between identifying with (internalizing) your environment or choosing to transform from within by heart. At the first level of consciousness yo…

I love images that pull you in.

It's a bench! Black And White Photography — 10 Tips To Shoot Awesome Black And White Photographs

And as we think how all He is and has, how He Himself is our very own, how He is Himself our life, we feel assured that we have but to ask, and He will be delighted to take us up into closer fellowship with Himself, and teach us to pray even as He prays.(Andrew Murray)

Tree Landscapes

Trees in the mist and fog by Pierre Pellegrini