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“The Uncomfortable”, la collezione di oggetti “deliberatamente scomodi” - DAILYBEST

The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani.

This Artist Redesigned Everyday Objects To Make Them As Inconvenient As Possible 32

This Artist Redesigned Everyday Objects To Make Them As Inconvenient As Possible

Teeth Mug

by Jonas Trampedach .I need an epic cup collection, clearly.

Vuelta マグカップ・タンブラー

Vuelta マグカップ・タンブラー

Livia Marin - Nomad Patterns - Ceramic, resin, plaster, transfer-print.

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“The Uncomfortable”, de la diseñadora y arquitecta Katerina Kamprani, es una serie de rediseños de objetos cotidianos útiles convirtiéndolos en divertidos, inútiles y sobre todo incómodos.  Sillas, cubiertos, platos, tazas, puertas, una oreo, un botón, una regadera, perchas, un paraguas de cemento, todos ellos diseños imposibles.  http://ceslava.com/blog/30-disenos-incomodos-de-objetos-cotidianos/

30 diseños incómodos de objetos cotidianos

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She designs and creates actual peeves...an artist after our own heart!

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How can an object be incredibly, exquisitely, perfectly designed--and also a colossal pain to use?

If you have OCDs, please step back. In her series named “The Uncomfortable” Greek artist Katerina Kamprani deflects everyday-objets from their primary function. And the simple fact of observing them is cringeworthy. It creates an internal discomfort, where interrogation and a certain kind of annoyance are mixing. From the watering can to the utensils, the artist shows no mercy.

The Uncomfortable by Katerina Kamprani

The Uncomfortable Tea Set - A prototype by Greek artist/architect Katerina Kamprani.

Katerina Kamprani's - worst possible user experience with useless objects.

"The Uncomfortable", a funny and twisted project of the designer and architect Katerina Kamprani, who has fun imagining the worst possible user experience with useless objects.

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dino handles and smiley mugs

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