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Country Whisper. Harvest Mouse

''Millions of these tiny field mice, along with thousands of other tiny creatures, each year, suffer a painful death by the combine harvester. A field of wheat contains more dead mammals than a slaughterhouse in a year.

Field Mouse, Field Mice. Any of various small mice or voles, especially of the genus Microtus, inhabiting meadows and fields and often causing damage to crops. Also called meadow mouse. Field Mice by Jean Louis Klein & Marie Luce Hubert (19)

The beauty of nature: Field Mouse and a Spiderweb. How tragic that most people would destroy the spider web and poison the mouse or snap it's tiny little neck in a hideous trap without a second thought.

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Animals that Start With D - (Dormouse) This small and cute creature belongs to the rodent family and was found in Europe. 29 species of this mouse are present worldwide and are mostly known for the long periods of hibernation in the cold months.

Harvest Mouse.Harvest mice are Europe’s smallest rodents with a remarkable prehensile tail. This long, hairless ‘limb’ aids climbing through the tall, dense vegetation of their meadow, hedgerow and crop field homes. In the UK, they are rarely found north of Yorkshire or in Wales.Harvest mice weave complex spherical nests out of grass. The one-use breeding nest is roughly the size of a cricket ball and built about a metre above ground in spring and summer.

Harvest mice are Europe’s smallest rodents with a remarkable…