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Lost It All, Black Veil Brides --one of my favorite songs by my favorite band <3

Lost It All, Black Veil Brides - I had a huge panic attack and nearly fainted but listening to this calmed me down immensely I just love them so much I don't know where I would be without them.

22 de noviembre, Dia de la #Musica 'They don't need to understand' (no necesitan entenderlo) de Andy Black (Andy Biersack) https://domandoallobo.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/45-they-dont-need-to-understand-no.html

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"They Don't Need to Understand" by Andy Black (a. Andy Biersack, going by his solo name. He says there'll be more Andy Black material late this year/early next year! Hopefully an album eventually)

Andy Biersack Quotes

Andy Biersack Quote- Damn Andy, that's amazing! Plus, you are kinda hot.

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In The End, BVB. My absolute favorite BVB song <<< yesssssssss and the morticians daughter

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- I know this is Ashley Purdy and not Andy Biersack, I'm sure you guys won't mind xD I just love this quote ♥ Still in Bvb soo cx

This is why bvb is my favorite band Andy is someone who saves lives ❤️